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Moving to St. Augustine? Read this first...



So you are thinking of moving to St. Augustine,

here are some reasons why you should... 



If you have visited St. Augustine on vacation, chances are you fell in love with it and now want to live here. St. Augustine has a way of doing that to people!  


But is moving to St. Augustine the right thing to do for you? 


If you are considering making the move, make sure you read this article first to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

As a transplant myself, I will give you my unbiased opinion of the city I now call home.  St. Augustine has a lot to offer, history, culture, beaches, great schools, jobs to name a few.

St. Augustine has always been a tourist destination but has become even more so in the past couple of years due to making a number of the Top 10 lists for family vacations, retirees, and lifestyle.

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, which means there is plenty of history for you and your family to explore. The Historic Downtown area and it’s old European vibe offers a lot of variety for dining, art and live music. Of course, it has its touristy areas, but again St. Augustine has always been a tourist destination. 

The homes located in the historic district are unique, some are on the old cobblestone streets, some have a story from the past and some date back to the 1500’s. The attractions do not begin and end in the downtown Historic district though.

Head north on San Marco from downtown and you will find a number of quaint neighborhoods with a mix of homes big and small. You can find many styles of homes here, from victorian, craftsman and Spanish style. San Marco Avenue offers a variety of cafes, shops, dining and more.

Head south from downtown into Historic Lincolnville; full of history dating back to the civil war. This area is well on its way to becoming one of the cooler neighborhoods in town. Older homes are being renovated, restaurants are opening up and it has a real sense of community.

West on King Street from Downtown is going through a bit of a renaissance with new shops, cafes, and bakeries and a brewery opening up.

The climate in St. Augustine is AWESOME!  Since we are located in the northern part of the state, we get to enjoy three seasons of weather. Winters are a mix of beach days and seasonal fall days; and who doesn’t love the fall. The humidity is lower than south Florida, although the summers are pretty hot, St Augustine is exposed to ocean breezes and we have plenty of beaches to choose from. 

If you prefer to live somewhere with picture perfect blue skies versus gray and cold days; Then I’d say YES!  St. Augustine is the place for you.



If you love the BEACH, we got them! 

St. Augustine Beach, Butler Beach and Crescent Beach provide miles of sand to walk, sunbathe and surf.

Vilano Beach located at the inlet to St. Augustine offers the best sunsets from Porpoise Point. There are miles of walking when you head north towards Ponte Vedra.  


Vilano Beach at Sunrise


If the Beach is not your thing! We have plenty of great neighborhoods.Some are gated, some have amenities such as golf, tennis, community club rooms, gyms and more.  To learn more send me an email and I’ll get you a list of the perfect communities that fit your needs.

To top it all off; The “all important” school district in St. Johns County has consistently ranked number one in the state of Florida. The best part is High School students can choose a Career Academy, providing them with the knowledge to take forward into a potential college degree and/or career.

You can learn more about the school districts here:


Did I miss anything? Probably!

St. Augustine has so much to offer for the young and not so young. There is always something going on here; Farmers Markets, Live Music, Trivia Nights, Special Events, Dancing, Classes…I can go on forever.

If you think St. Augustine has a lifestyle you’d be interested in living. Give me call, I’ll guide you home! 

Written By: Your St. Augustine Reatlor, Kim Devlin (904) 747-0183


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